Being able to take your dog on holiday with you is increasingly becoming a factor that many glampers want to do.  The UK dog population is around 8 million and approximately 23% of the UK households own at least one dog. That is a lot of four legged friends!

Why should you bring your dog glamping with you? If you own a dog but normally put him in kennels or leave him with friends here are a few reasons why you should bring him along with you!

Firstly we are located on a farm so there is endless amount of space for your dog to run enjoy, there are also lots of country walks that you can enjoy together too. Secondly the price of putting a dog in kennels can be very expensive, with some places charging up to £15 a night, it can be much cheaper to bring your dog with you. Finally another benefit, is purely the peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about the welfare of your dog back at home you can simply sit back relax and enjoy your glamping holiday!

Luckily here at Mill Farm glamping we love dogs! (Well behaved ones only!) Feel free to mention at the time of your booking and bring them along! We look forward to seeing you and your four legged friends! Woof!