When you think of team building you generally think of American companies going away for weekend trips – and don’t tend to associate it with businesses back here in the UK. However lots of businesses see the importance and reap the rewards of a team building weekend.

There are many advantages that come from going on a team building weekend. Firstly, it is simply nice to get out of the office. Swapping being in an office with fresh air and countryside can help your employees to relax and ignite their creativity.  Secondly another benefit is encouraging your team to chat about things not directly linked to work. This will help to strengthen bonds and relationships on all levels. For example you may find yourself chatting to someone who you don’t directly work with, and therefore you will bring a sense of togetherness to the whole business. Thirdly another benefit of team building weekend is the rewards. Businesses that have strong teams with friendships are more likely to succeed than those who have an incoherent unstructured team who never talk.

The activity offering at Mill Farm is great for team building weekends. Country pursuits such as Clay pigeon shooting are on offer as well as orienteering through the beautiful Wiltshire countryside. The pool tables at mill farm can help create a little competitive edge amongst the team while the gator rides to the pub can offer the relaxing element. During a stay at Mill Farm you can do as many or as little activities as you like – creating a unique and bespoke team building trip for your business.

On top of what we offer here at Mill Farm, we offer benefit of hiring the whole site out. This means you can have a team building trip where everything is purely about your business with no other guests in the way.

Fancy a team building trip away with a difference? Give us a call today! Look forward to seeing you down on the farm.