What to expect in 2016...

New for 2016

The 2015 season has been and gone, and we look back at 2015 as the opening year for Squirrel Lodge that proved to be a great success with our guests.

These are the new additions you can expect to see at Mill Farm in 2016.

Raising The Baa


Sheep herding is an everyday activity for a shepherd which can require a certain amount of skill and patience. Luckily for most shepherds they have a well trained sheep dog that can wizz around the field to keep the flock together.

Raising the baa is very much sheep herding but without the luxury of having a sheep dog.  The idea is for a group of individuals to herd a small flock of sheep through a set obstacle course through to the finishing pen where the sheep are to be shut in. Points are rewarded for keeping the flock together and for completing the course under certain time limits. The team with the highest amount of points wins!

Raising the baa is founded by local farmer and shepherd Chris Farmsworth. He believes that Raising the Baa is a fantastic activity for team building as it does require effort from every single person involved which in turn builds confidence for everyone to communicate with each other, to complete the task successfully.

Raising the baa is a great activity for corporate team building events that can be hosted at Mill Farm. It is also ideal for family parties enjoying a stay at Mill Farm.

For more information please feel free to contact Farmer Chris via info@millfarmglamping.co.uk or alternatively check out the website for Raising The Baa.



Mill Farm Pizza Evenings

Following on from introducing the bread oven in 2015 we now offer our guests the chance to make they’re own pizzas from the dough and pizza toppings that we provide.

Coupled with a roaring hearty bread oven the result is delicious home-made pizzas. The pizza evenings are a great way to mingle with fellow glamping guests and to also enjoy a glass of wine whilst your supper is being cooked for you. Who needs Domino’s!!

Pizzas are £7.50 each and pizza evenings generally take place on either a Tuesday or Saturday evening.

For more information please contact Farmer Chris



Mill Farm Lamb Feeding

Spring is always a time for the sun to come out and to shake off those winter blues, it is also a time for new life and this year Mill Farm will have new arrivals in the way of a small group of baby orphan lambs.

Orphan lambs require regular care and attention and also a little bit of love to help them flourish in which proves to be a crucial stage in they’re lives.

Hand feeding orphan lambs is always an enjoyable experience and always proves to be a hugely popular activity with our younger guests.

For more information contact Farmer Chris on how you can assist with this enjoyable activity.




2 Night Midweek Breaks

If you are looking to book a midweek stay but cannot stay for a 4 night duration then we now offer a more flexible option in the form of a 2 night break.

This allows you to arrive on a Monday and depart on a Wednesday or arrive on a Wednesday and depart on a Friday.

This option is valid in every month apart from July and August. Prices start at £200.00.

For more information contact Farmer Chris for availability and prices.