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King Arthur’s Willow has been by far our biggest project undertaken since Mill Farm started as a glamping/luxury holiday business many years ago.

Over the years the demand for quirky accommodation such as our luxury canvas lodges and other types of glamping accommodation have continued to grow, and as pioneers in this industry we enjoy nothing more than adding something a little different and new to offer our potential customers such as Squirrel lodge for example (the first 2 floor glamping lodge in the UK).

Naturally with this philosophy in mind our thoughts turned to treehouse accommodation! and the rest is history!

The project started in October and the structure itself once the the foundations were laid took just under 2 months to build! It was a massive team effort and a huge amount of forward planning had to be done from all parties involved. Despite a few rainstorms here and there we were lucky to have a relatively dry winter as this could have played havoc with the erection of the roof and also the condition of the materials.

We are now in the latter stages of this treehouse project and decorating and plumbing is near completion and electrics ready to be finished off!

One issue we didn’t plan on having was the installation of our new sewage treatment tank, a very large tank capable of holding up to 4000 litres of lovely liquid! A very large hole was dug for the tank to sit in, we installed the tank and filled it just under 3 quarters full. We buried it and all in all we were very chuffed with how well the installation went!  The weekend following the installation saw a nasty spell of wet weather, and in turn this created alot of water pressure to build up under the tank! To my absolute horror two days later the tank decided it would pop up and say hello to me again just like a submarine would pop out of the ocean!  The ground surrounding the tank was already saturated so the reinstallation process was going to be a much tougher process!  After alot of swearing and mud churning we managed to pull it out of the ground fully and redig the hole. This time round our local contractor decided it would be a good idea to fill the tank to the absolute brim! a wise idea this proved to be, although the tanker he decided to use to transfer the water was enormous! and did stir the neighbours up!  Concrete was poured in-place around the tank this time and as things stand the tank has not moved!!

We now move on to planting trees around the treehouse site and landscaping the area to finish the outside. First we shall wait for Storm Dorris to pass!

If you find this article interesting or have any questions regarding the treehouse then please feel free to contact me (farmer chris).

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