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Alpaca Walking in Wiltshire – New for 2023!

Mill Farm Glamping in Wiltshire is now home to a herd of super cuddly and adorable alpacas that are available for walking.

The herd started with Boris, Hugo & Ralph but we have now introduced 5 more to the Mill Farm alpaca herd that will roam our organic pasture land over the next few years. A new and exciting era has begun at Mill Farm Glamping!

Alpacas are well known for their fleeces and the thermal qualities they possess. In fact, you would struggle to find a more natural way to keep warm whilst being so comfy!

Now wouldn’t it be great to get up close and personal with an alpaca to feel just how soft they are? And to actually meet one face to face?

Well that’s what we are now offering! Explore the farm and surrounding Wiltshire countryside during your stay at Mill Farm on an enjoyable alpaca walking experience. An experience that is kind to nature and kind to your mind.

Your alpaca walk concludes with feeding these beautiful animals some treats too.

For more information and to book your alpaca walk, visit Wiltshire Alpacas or contact Farmer Chris on 07887427882.


Alpaca Walking in Wiltshire
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