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Many years ago there was two little farmers named Chris & George. When Farmer Joe & Izzy were not looking they would gather hay & straw together and build a mega big pile. They would then spend endless amount of hours and fun launching themselves into this big pile of hay & straw.

Many years on since their antics. The younger guests of Mill Farm Holidays will be pleased to hear that Chris & George have built the ultimate edition to date to enjoy hours of glamping fun.

Located undercover, the straw play arena offers bundles of fun for kids aged 3+ whatever the weather. The arena is in a rectangular shape made from big square bales which then leaves a big space in the middle which is filled with loose straw. The straw is pushed down hard to create the ultimate soft landing for any size person (chris tested it) the depth of this straw is over a metre! The arena is surrounded by camouflaged netting to prevent anyone falling off the wrong side, creating a safe environment.

Inspired by the antics of two young rascals the straw play arena offers soft play and glamping fun with a farming twist.

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