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It would be fair to say that the last couple of weeks have been somewhat challenging! First it was Storm Ciara with her onslaught of heavy winds and then the recent arrival of Storm Dennis with more high winds and heavy rain.

Winter has been more of an extension to autumn this time round with a solid hard frost seeming to be few and far between. The land on the farm and in the surrounding area is completely saturated making it unsuitable for tractors to travel on and even a challenge for lighter vehicles such as the gator. Sheep are the only option for managing the grasslands during this time of the year, being lightweight they create very little damage to the soil and also help to control weeds, this allows for a clean growth of pasture in the spring.

Luckily despite the storms we only saw minor damage with the odd tile falling off and a few fallen dead trees. The luxury glamping lodges all withstood the weather which is always a concern despite the weather protection we use to keep them secure.

The goats are enjoying indoor comforts whilst the ducks and geese are enjoying the wet weather.

We look ahead to March with our fingers crossed that the bad weather will finally subside and we can prepare for the busy season ahead!

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