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Here at Mill Farm we are so lucky that we are under 18 miles away from the majectic and historic stonehenge…

What is Stonehenge?

Stonehenge is the world famous ancient megalithic monument that has amazed people for generations. The stones used to build the monument are about 14 feet tall and each stone is estimated to weigh 28 tonnes. Archaeologists have suggested that the monument is as old as 5000 years. The sheer size and weight of each stone is what amazes people as there would have been no cranes or machinery to help when it was built.

Why was it built?

Those who have studied Stonehenge believe that it was built to be used a solar calendar to track the movements of the sun and the moon. Another suggestion is that it was used as an ancient burial ground – for those to worship the dead. There are no official historic documents detailing why Stonehenge was built so all suggestions to this day remain speculation.

Why should I go there?

It has been described as the UK’s unmissable wonder – if that’s not worth a visit I’m not sure what is! You can spend all day at Stonehenge if you like. Many tourists say the sunrise and sunset is simply beautiful and the sun at the these times of day can make the bluestones shine.

Where shall I stay?

Mill Farm is situated less than 18 miles away so it is the perfect base for exploring Stonehenge. Why not hold a mini summer solstice festival at Mill Farm?!

For more info please contact Chris Dyke 07887427882

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