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Wow! what a year! I honestly can’t believe how fast it has flown by! But time does indeed fly when your having fun! and 2017 has been an action packed fun year with lots of fond memories along the way too.

2017 will always be remembered as the year that our luxury treehouse ‘King Arthurs Willow’ was built. This has to be without doubt our biggest and most challenging project to date at Mill Farm, It was a massive team effort that required working late nights and many days trudging through mud when the weather was at it’s most challenging! The image in my head of the septic tank poking out the ground continues to haunt me even now! In the end it was all worth it! it gives me and all members at Mill Farm great satisfaction to introduce King Arthurs Willow to our fantastic customers. It is our first glamping/quirky accommodation that we offer all year round and another great chance for guests to experience the different seasons on the farm.

2017 was also the year we welcomed two new fluffy residents to Mill Farm, after a lot of debate about what to call them we opted for the names ‘Barry and Barbara’! These two pygmy goats have been a huge hit with our younger glampers as they always like to come and be sociable at feeding time giving our young guests the chance to feed them directly out of their hands! Amazing! Understandably Barry and Barbara now can’t wait for 2018 to arrive for more feeding extravaganzas!

Mill Farm has also been host to some fantastic celebrations in 2017 including milestone birthdays, anniversarys and reunions. I always love these sort of occasions as the atmosphere is fantastic and everyone is having fun! not to mention the free food and beer that is on offer! At one point i was even trying Yoga!!!

One particular occasion that took place this year at Mill Farm, was the wedding of a lovely couple in the drama industry. The bride is a local girl from the village next door and they tied the knot at the local church. I have ferried many families to and from the Well in Bulkington this year in the trusted John Deere Gator but to be asked to ferry the newly married couple to Mill Farm was for me the ultimate honour! The weather on this day was near perfect. Three large tipis tents awaited at Mill Farm for the wedding reception and it has to be said….it was a blast!! A memorable day with many happy memories made.

2017 was a fantastic year at Mill Farm and we cannot thank our customers enough for being part of it and i surely hope 2018 proves to be just as memorable and of course fun! See you in 2018!!

Happy New Year!!!!

Farmer Chris & the team.

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