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New life and new beginnings…..

So much happens in a few months around here on the farm! Spring has arrived and the weather for the most part has been glorious. We had some sad news back in March when 2 of our young ducks (Rambo & Junior) were paid a visit by a Mink during the night which didn’t end well. It’s never pleasant to lose any animal on the farm especially when so much love and care is put in.

A week later we were delighted to find that 2 new little characters entered the world which put a smile on all our faces.  Mother Moscovy is doing brilliantly well and is fiercely protective of Duck Norris and Donald Duck!

Our 2022 glamping season kicked off at the start of April and it has been fantastic to see Mill Farm back in full swing following the winter period.  Our preparations getting the site ready were not helped by Storm Eunice back in February.  Fortunately all the lodges and accommodation were still standing by the end of the storm but it wasn’t without a few cuts and bruises and some fallen trees, oh and a hot tub lid that took off and landed amongst a field of bemused sheep!


ducklings at mill farm

Belle Vue Farm Shire progress…

Belle Vue Farm Shire is really taking shape! The weather has been kind to us and the newly planted trees are starting to blossom which really adds to the new site.

The main focus at this stage is finishing the interiors such as the bespoke kitchen and bathrooms, the tradesmen tasked with working on this project have been fantastic and we can’t wait to show off the hard work that has been put in.

Each Shire house will accommodate up to 4 persons. The new site is set out in it’s own area on the farm just a kilometre from Mill Farm itself.  Perfect for couples and adult groups that want an idyllic peaceful space to relax and enjoy nature.

Bookings are being taken for July onwards. For any questions please contact Farmer George

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